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Fragments from Floyd

Season of Sprouts: Family Children

This is perhaps the most memorable quote of the summer–so far. Overheard from the back seat on the 800 mile trip from home to Goose Creek, the four year old offers this bit of wisdom to no one in particular.  And later, she performs for no apparent reason in the kitchen,  bouncing between the kitchen … Read more

Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops

I think his territory might be limited to just this stretch of Carolina coast, but here, the good elf Ruddy, has been very busy getting the younger children primed for Christmas by laying out surprises overnight for the joy of discovery each morning. Several days ago, he left a candy cane bud as you see … Read more

Joy for Free

6 year old joy playing in summer sprinkler

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]atching our grand daughter frolic in the sprinkler, I remembered the utter joy the first day we were allowed to go barefoot–in the zoysia grass, under the mimosas, only to get “stung on a bee” as one of us lamented when it happened. The moving-parts oscillating gizmos came along well after the first one I … Read more