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Fragments from Floyd

Not Sleeping In

No I’m not sleeping in these days nor have I run out of things to say. You kidding? I just seem to be juggling cats most all the time any more and wondering in years past where I found the time to spend filling this page with dog and snake stories, grampa tales and avuncular pronouncements … Read more

The Ecology of Well-being Still debriefing from our trip to Missouri and back a short while ago, I have dug out another image from the road. The background was shot from the passenger’s side, going Ann’s interstate speed (which is considerably faster than Fred’s) and I marvel at what turned out to be an image with remarkable crispness and … Read more

The Buck Stops Here

You’ll note that I have protected the anonymity of the hunter as well as taking the precautionary measure of doing the same to the deer, so as to avoid any legal actions by relatives of the deceased. I can count on the fingers of one hand then number of times we’ve been surprised by another … Read more