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Fragments from Floyd


This week we’ve been excavating the Very Back Room. It is the kind of task that has a beginning, but once breached, it gushes decisions and piles and pools of anguish of seemingly endless volume. I wrote some thoughts about that, but I will admit, I’m teasing you here. My hope is that at least … Read more

Going With the Flow

Sometimes, not going with the flow has its advantages. Having a handicapped traveler along for the trip to Missouri was an impediment for those able to walk normal distances and speeds along the U MO campus trail. But my (temporary?) disability–plantar fascitis–gave me the excuse I needed to stop and explore the creek while everyone … Read more

Red Dogs: Is There Any Other Color?

Because it features Skeeters (“a Million dogs sold”) in our former home town of Wytheville, a friend sent along this video below about the “red hotdog corridor” that cuts a swath through southwest Virginia, across the decades, and well into central Alabama where I grew up with the Hooray for Valleydale marching band of pigs … Read more

Aesthetics of Dilapidation

I stopped by for a while yesterday afternoon for a picnic north of town, and kept returning my gaze to the lines of a gracefully dilapidated barn on the crest of hill above us. Finally, I could stand it no longer when the moon appear briefly in a break in the clouds just off the … Read more

Of Memories and Brown Water

I’m looking at the VDOT Road Conditions map this morning before dawn, trying to plot a way to work not blocked by water. Short of the hurricanes of late summers past, we’ve not seen this kind of flooding in our 12 years here–hardly a meteorological record but significant in our short story. Roaring water threated … Read more