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Fragments from Floyd

First Day of School

A very nice new year’s dinner, good friends, good music, an early evening. We had another event to attend, but drove in that direction after leaving Oddfellas in a driving rain, and decided we didn’t want to get soaked and muddy getting to our neighbor’s place, though it would have been nice to see folks … Read more

Like Momma Like Daughter

Somewhere up in the Very Back Room, in a cardboard box full of faded leatherette albums filled with yellowed acetate sheets of pale Instamatic images from the Pleistocene era of our marriage and family life, is a picture of our eldest–then about a year old–gnawing a turkey bone. She is sitting in a high chair … Read more

The Other Side of Christmas ’06

Too fast. They’ve come and gone, and 95% of the things I thought we’d do and talk about didn’t happen. But 5% did, and I’m thankful to have had the time together, gathered as we were from too-far-flung homes. Maybe it’s going to be that way for the long haul. Maybe some day they’ll live … Read more

The Ghost of Parties Past

Yes, the Goose Creek Christmas Gathering was going to be a big deal. But how big, and how to deal with the enormity of the event looked very different through eyes from Venus versus those from Mars. If men ruled the world of social events (and they don’t) these occasions would be much more come-as-we-are … Read more

Buffalo in the Back Yard

Another image picked up on the way home from the winery last weekend–and the first using the combination of (new) tripod, 80-200 telephoto lens (and new tripod mounting collar for same) and the 2x teleconverter. The silhouetted shape behind the house takes the reposing form of a buffalo, hence its name, Buffalo Mountain. Were there … Read more