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Fragments from Floyd

Thoughts About Place

It started out as an assignment, sort of, for Tommy Bailey’s book, Floyd Folks. Which, btw, if purchased in town (say, at the Floyd Community Market) will send proceeds to support  the market. The version of my little part of that effort uploaded this week to is a tweak of the chapter in Floyd … Read more

Good Will Toward Earth

I pulled out my trifold scrap paper scratch pad that is always with me. The Earth had just moved under my feet in the middle of a church service, and I had to take note. What had happened is that, once again, I felt the deep sadness of being doomed to failure to see “Peace … Read more

For Your Health: Take a Walk

I find myself, once again, staring out the window by my desk, my eyes falling more often than not on the “New Road” that rises out of the pasture just past the barn. We (and especially SHE) follow that path countless times in a week (and SHE in a single day) as a form of … Read more

What Difference Does a Season Make?

I’m catching up with myself, from this time a few years back when I imagined keeping up all along through an entire year with a seasonal journal–part of my “Floyd County Almanac” that sits just exactly where it did when I abandoned it. I remember as I wrote this thinking how smug of me to … Read more