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Fragments from Floyd

Back Into the Natural Order

Earth Day will feature a panel discussion, each participant offered the opportunity before that to deliver a 5 – 7 minute message. Mine I’ve entitled Back Into the Natural Order, since my talk was titled for me as “Getting Back to Nature.” I posted it at at this link. 

Floyd, Down to Earth

We’re a week from Earth Day 2013, this year offered from the Floyd EcoVillage center for the first time. I’ll be leading a “nature walk” and maybe sitting on a panel discussion of Floyd County’s general ecology and environment. Towards that end, I’ve sent a piece to the Floyd Press about the WHY of our … Read more

Ill Winds: A Necessary Evil

I’ve made my peace with the cold. By this time of year, I’ve remembered all the tactics for staying unfrozen when it’s single digits outside–tricks with scarves and woolen things, mostly. But I’ve never done very well accepting January wind. Being the most animated aspect of weather, wind seems alive and its intentions ignoble. At … Read more

Headlines: Christmas Stolen. The Grinch Exonerated!

You can listen to this Christmas tale by clicking here, just know: you’ll hear my bobbles and gaffs against the sound of our woodstove ticking in the background, to let you know this is a very amateur production indeed. Granted, his methods were nefarious the year he stole Christmas. But his tiny heart secretly was–and is–in … Read more