Between the Everything and the Nothing

Image via Wikipedia Revolutions and Resolutions in a Bigger-picture New Year January takes its name from Janus, the Roman god of portals, of comings and goings, beginnings and endings–an odd-looking, two-faced deity who looks at once both where he’s been and where he is going. And here in early January, we stand at just that […]

AC: Not All It’s Cranked Up to Be

Growing up in the Deep South meant dealing with the heat in summer (well actually, from March through October in Alabama.) When we moved north to Virginia in 1974, I thought surely we had left 90-90 temp-humidities behind. But it’s feeling a lot like ‘bama in the Commonwealth this summer, and this has led me […]

Quietude: A Sweet Fragrance to the Ear

Image by fred1st via Flickr From Road Less Traveled column, Floyd Press, 17 June 2010 Can we sustain in our corner of southwest Virginia those amenities and virtues that make it a highly-livable place? We want to perpetuate the abundance of healthy local food, untainted and ample water, and a clear, odorless and breathable atmosphere. […]

Toxic Lunch: Decades of Exposure–Now What?

We’re being poisoned, and not by our enemies. More than 93% of American men, women and children have this substance in their tissues. Research has linked it to cancer and heart disease, Type-II diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction including low sperm counts and early-onset puberty–not in laboratory animals or test tubes but in human populations. Concerns are […]