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Fragments from Floyd

Prelude to Winter

Excerpted from “November” in the Floyd County Almanac (unpublished first draft.) …A seriousness settles upon us by mid-November, mornings not light enough to cross the creek to tend the cussed birds until after seven. The board-bridge across Goose Creek is treacherous, enameled with a coating of ice droplets, tossed up by the riffles we will hear … Read more

October Leaves in a Huff

It is the last day of October. The winds of superstorm Sandy will deal us only a glancing blow. At first light, inland morning gales smell of sea salt, strong and steady out of the Northeast. Shards of it break into the southern mountains, whistling through trees on ridges, we hunker below on Goose Creek, … Read more

Floyd County: Times Past #4

[Part four of five] There was at best a primitive road through the creek bed beyond the three bridges, and the same along the source headwaters of Goose Creek at the time of the Civil War. Consequently, given its isolation and difficulty of access, deserters from both armies are said to have hidden from bounty hunters … Read more