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Fragments from Floyd

Fragments: ’20 Week 12

So: this week, without embellishment or comment. Label me Otherwise Distracted. But still poking around and pecking the keys. — F1st ⬅︎Consider subscribing to Fragments, published whenever, unpredictably on a whim. Join 1570 other subscribers (it says. That can’t be right. I think a decimal is missing.) Join 15.70 other subscribers. Just add your email … Read more

Web Crawl Thursday 27 Feb 2020

Just clustering a few bits here this morning, from the past few days’ world watching and trying to gain traction on my own inefficiencies and perplexities. As a biology watcher, I do follow with special interest the world-health event we are now facing. Some of these resources are data points in tracking the evolution of … Read more

More Shorts for Cold Weather

Here is served more high-fiber roughage, I suppose, that helps keep the old information digestion system moving regularly. One has to take the time to slow down and spend a few moments of quiet reflection, and just let go. Pass it on. Share and flush. You’re welcome. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ We Welcome Your Stories and Poems! | … Read more

Sunday Shorts: 020220

I’m taking the path of least resistance, tossing up some links from the past week or so, straight from my daily gatherings (using ROAM as mentioned below.) YMMV. A new day for Indigo Snakes in ALABAMA Longest snake in North America found breeding in Alabama for first time since 1954 – I took herpetology … Read more

Life Lessons: You’re Welcome

â–º Current events: I knew not to and did it anyway: “click here so we know you’re a real person” it said on an ostensible news site that promised to show me news about a piece of software-in-development I’ve been tracking. And BAM! Up pops a cartoon porn site which said…I don’t remember what it … Read more