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Fragments from Floyd

Fragments Side-Car: SubStack Now Live!

I’m trying to reduce the friction for peripheral writing while attempting to focus on the main train–the completion of additions and editing for Book #3, now in active revision towards publication–in a year, maybe. So if you subscribe to Fragments via email, you might find the substack consumption as or more rewarding in the next … Read more

I offer the following as exhibit A in testimony to support the claim I make that, for months, I have been in a distracted, unproductive, disconnected funk: I missed the ten year anniversary of the publication of Slow Road Home  (read: the drop-shipment of 1000 books to my back porch) on April 26, 2006. Failing … Read more

BOOKS: Remember Them?

Okay. The “while supplies last” is a joke. Both books are printed and shipped as need arises now, so there’s ample to meet demand. The form is up, front blog page, waiting. For demand. Or just ask nicely. Any orders I receive (either by use of the printed version of this form or via the … Read more