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Fragments from Floyd

On The Verge of the Verge

Well I guess that makes it official: got the first book order in the mail yesterday, the check now pinned on the cork board, waiting on the actual books to arrive. Of course, I’m still working 24/7 to get the files off to the printer, deadline not later than April 1. So far, still seems … Read more

What Readers Say…

The book that has almost taken its final form consists of folk writing for folk. So to seek endorsements from academics or “known” writers should mean less to me–and more importantly, to a potential reader–than the testimonies of regular readers like you. I’m getting back mostly short snippets of response to the book–gratifyingly positive–but want … Read more

Stop the Presses!

Actually, the presses are still six weeks off (hopefully not more, so I can have books for the Mt Rogers Naturalist Rally May 8.) But I’ve changed the structure from “categorized” to “clustered”. I was able to sort 96 personal essays (not all are essays but we’ll use that terminology) into eight areas of subject … Read more