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Fragments from Floyd

Pilgrim at Nameless Creek

“Again and again as I read, I went back to my bookshelf to compare this work with that of Annie Dillard. Fred expresses a similar wisdom tinged with amazed gratitude at finding himself alone and content to record the measure of his days along the winding valleys and hilltops of the Blue Ridge in Floyd … Read more

Open Book

Finally, Google Book Search will carry you to a page where parts of Slow Road Home can be viewed. You can see the front and back cover in color. You can peruse the table of contents. And you can see parts of many but all of not so many of the 108 vignettes in the … Read more


I feel the first stirrings out of hibernation after a long winter of oblivion to writing, speaking, thinking about Slow Road Home or whatever might come next. I’ll have at least two events between now and the middle of April to make me think in concrete terms about the future of my writing and photography–two … Read more

Print’em When You Need’em

More and more publishers (and niche authors) see the wisdom of print-on-demand. Here’s an excerpt from a piece from the Tennessean about a TN-based business, Lightning Source, where future copies of Slow Road Home will be born. Benefits of print-on-demand include the ability to extend the life of a book that has gone out of … Read more