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Fragments from Floyd

Progressive Life in the Slow Lane

Or maybe not so slow after all? This might not matter much to many, but those who use the Internet for work or study or research, the difference between waiting five minutes to download a 45 minute documentary on a topic and waiting 1.7 seconds adds up over a week when you do this countless times … Read more

Getting Around the Web: Take the Cab

Originally Crystal Atari Browser, this is an oldie to be sure, but hanging tough. And for the iPad Pro, iCab Mobile wins over Safari (for most sites but not all) and has many well-conceived bells and whistles that are so customizable that this detail might put off casual-sometimes users of the iPad who do not … Read more

RE(Devon)THINKING My Brain

Long story short, I think I’ve made permanent changes in how I structure documents, blog posts, web pages and writing on the computer. A ticker tape parade ensues. Stock prices soar! At the end of the story, I’m moving away from Evernote and towards Devonthink Pro. Here’s why (and thank you for asking.) Devonthink Pro … Read more

Showing Your Cards

No, not that kind. I’m not one for those kind of games. This is just a quick Saturday morning note to let you know that the Photo Note Cards are on the shelves at… [su_highlight background=”#c8cfe2″ color=”#191f5a”]▶ The Floyd Country Store in downtown Floyd. ▶ Chateau Morrisette Winery Tasting Room Store[/su_highlight] With regard to the latter, I was … Read more

Learning Not to Fail

Lately with the early frustrations of this little Etsy enterprise, I’ve been trying very hard to listen to my own advice. I’m pointing to ME when I say what I use to say to my kids growing up. “I’m a klutz! I’ll never be able to play tennis because I can’t serve worth snatch!” my … Read more