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Fragments from Floyd

Can’t Get There from Here

The repairs for which the road residents were first given a heads-up for completion in October of last year (after Hurricane Michael removed most of Goose Creek) is finally happening this week. And since October we’ve been driving through water, in and out of the valley here, with wheel rims and brakes staying wet and … Read more

Friends in Low Places

Still unpacking from our whirlwind trip to and from Missouri and have a few images to share. The one above, from a favorite regular dinner stop on the way up. Last time we were there, a guy fell off a bar stool. Made for great entertainment. Not so lucky this time. But I did grab a … Read more

Catskills Part One: Kaaterskill Falls

Kill this. Kill that. Fishkill. Peekskill. Fresh Kills. Say what? Okay. It’s a Dutch term meaning creek or waterway (a vestige of the area’s colonial past) and found its way into Catskill–ONE name for this dissected assortment of variously protected natural areas in New York State. The geology seemed familiar in places to me as … Read more