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Fragments from Floyd

Testing. As per recent usual.

I continue to struggle with the devil on my left shoulder that keeps insisting that I must be more productive of shared thoughts and conversation-starters and the one on my right that tells me I have become irrelevant and off in an eddy of society that no longer has anything to contribute to public dialogue. … Read more

Fools Rush In

So I had some text here and saved as draft but the text was lost. Discouraging. At every step I take one increment forward, then two backwards. There remain more than a few bottlenecks, and until I get past them, I’ll be spinning my wheels in the sand.  Blackened Seasoning Sprinkle grouper filets with Louisiana Fish … Read more

Fragments: A Fresh Coat of Paint

Same Blogger, Different Porch Stay tuned while Elderly Dog learns New Tricks,  and the dust settles on Fragments–Still from Floyd by Fred First Yes, I’m aware this is quite a bit different from what surviving Fragments readers have seen here since 2002.  I can’t say for certain that the life of this blog is going … Read more

We’re rebuilding our site

We’re restoring our content after a malware attack. You will see blank spaces and missing photos here and there until the restoration is complete. Please bear with us.

Why Not Do What Works?

Vietnam: How this country of 95 million kept its coronavirus death toll at zero – CNN Why can’t we learn to do what successful states and nations do that is working? Business as usual when usual threatens to wipe out livelihoods, cultures and civilizations is just plain stupid. Vietnam, a nation of 90-something million people, … Read more