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Fragments from Floyd

The Act of Creation

“It was during the Renaissance that creativity was first seen, not as a conduit for the divine, but from the abilities of “great men.” –wikipedia So I was riffing on this notion that creativity was not even a word until modern times, even while I had been thinking over the past weeks of how different … Read more

WordCrafters: Two Dozen Under One Roof

The Radford Library dispel the notion that books and reading are so yesterday.  You can help in this mission. You must! Plan to come for the authors who have given their day to this opportunity to speak with each of you personally about their writing. Come  to hear them read from their work and tell their … Read more


We have out of town company. We have grass growing. We have a dessicated garden dependent on arms and legs for its liquid needs. We have a long shopping list for Blacksburg today. So all those exuses taken together, I’m not getting anywhere with a blog post this morning. So when such things happen, I look in my … Read more