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Fragments from Floyd


I was growing weary of watching gmail grind and grind to bring up my messages–so much so that I started using Opera only for Gmail since it was so much perkier than FireFox plus Gmail. I almost considered going to some other mail service when along comes NEW Gmail a few weeks back.

And man was it faster. But sadly, there went several Gmail related extensions I’d grown accustomed to, not the least of which was Lifehacker’s Better Gmail. The part I missed most were the colored labels which really made finding TYPES of email message a snap as I scanned down the long list of 100 recent messages.

Well the good news as of this morning: colored labels have now been incorporated into regular (new) Gmail. And changing label colors and label names is now a snap, done from the label list in the left sidebar.

As my ol’ mammy used to say: Good things come to those who wait!

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