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Fragments from Floyd


Two large family dogs playing in the snow? Nope. Two computer users sharing a common screen–yours, or theirs.

And how I wish I’d had something like–if not just exactly this: CROSSLOOP …when my mom was struggling with the simplest email and browser problems a year ago.

I wasn’t able to walk her through every glitch over the phone because she was running a different browser on a different Windows version on an antique laptop in Birmingham. She finally gave up out of frustration, and the machine went into the closet for good.

With CrossLoop on both machines, I could have seen her problem, and she could have watched how I fixed them as I controlled her mouse and screen. Voila! And she could still be reading Fragments and getting my emails.

You might have a similar situation with a new or older computer user who doesn’t live just right across the street. You might want to give this FREE software a look. (Windows only at the moment and requires DSL.)

The reviews are good. I’m hoping to use it myself instead of whining about not knowing how to do what I need to do in InDesign and PhotoShop in the next few months. Somebody can show me!

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