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Epson: Power Cord Not Included

I am generally a mild-mannered sort of guy and tolerant of a high level of ignorance, indifference and incompetence. I expect it, in fact.

Cost cutting by quality compromise, planned obsolescence and crappy workmanship, too, I find not surprising.

So why did I go ballistic? Because second only to shipping a printer-fax-copier without a power cord, sending one without a USB cable–there is no excuse, though to the shareholders of Epson, there are reasons.

Free! The printer was FREE with my MacPro. AFTER filling out a maddeningly obfuscating rebate form and NOW to have to drive more than 30 miles to get a fricking cable so I can scan the Adobe agreement…I’m sorry, I am not a happy consumer.

The model is the CFX 7400. No USB cable. Just so you’ll know. And several levels of Epson customer so-called support knows I am not one bit happy with their CHEAPNESS.

Now the whole world knows. And I feel better.

7 thoughts on “Epson: Power Cord Not Included”

  1. I got a “free” Epson printer with a Canon camera at Christmas — same thing: no USB cable included, horrible rebate forms. Didn’t think much about the missing cable since I have a cable on hand and haven’t even tried the printer yet. But you’re right — how cheap. This is the R280 model. Tell the world!

  2. Fred my boy I hope you picked up a nice aged Brie to go with your whine and cheese party. You’re bitching about not getting a free USB cable along with a free printer? When, pray tell, did printers ever ship with interface cables? The original Epson MX-80 dot-matrix printer that I bought in 1982 didn’t come with a parallel cable. The wall-size Epson 9800 printer that sits at home right now didn’t come with a USB cable either.

    I keep a box of cables (USB, Firewire, A/V, power, etc) under my desk for just such times.

    I’m sorry my friend but this one is a really petty complaint.

  3. Guess I’m spoiled. I don’t buy so much lately , so remember back a few weeks getting the WD750 with usb, firewire 400, firewire 800, and SATA cables all included. Ah the good ole days.

  4. Most drives do come with cables but I’m seldom found printers with cables included. The same with HDTVs. You can spill thousands upon thousands for a huge plasma HDTV and still have to buy the HDMI cables to use them to full potential.

  5. haven’t you ever tried shopping over the internet? even with shipping costs it beats the price of gas and money spent in lost time

  6. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I just BOUGHT an Epson and ASSUMED that everything required to use the printer was included. I don’t care what anyone says they SHOULD, UNQUESTIONABLY, include the USB cord with the printer or make it obvious that you have to purchase one seperately.

    This is a huge inconvenience. Out of principle, I will NEVER purchase another Epson and will do my best to avoid their ink carts. as well.

    Also, I will call them tomorrow, pretend to have a problem, and waste their time just to be an a#$. Perhaps the opportunity cost of their time will exceed the value of the stupid USB cord.

  7. I bought an Epson GT-1500 and there is no power converter! I almost laughed when their tech support person told me that it is pictured only for “aesthetic purposes” in the paperwork under the word “UNPACK” (as in FROM THE FRIKKIN BOX).


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