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Get a Clue: Interclue


I have my geekly moments, and have installed (and then uninstalled) more shareware and freeware than I care to remember. I download one in a hundred I read about, and keep one in twenty of those. So the odds of finding and keeping are remote. But I think this one is a keeper–a firefox add-on called Interclue.

I’m finding it especially useful for quickly browsing news items without having to open tabs just to preview the first couple of paragraphs (though this little pop-up window shows far more than just that.) I like to keep the small (resizable) window “pinned” in place while I move quickly through potentially interesting items in the Interclue panel. Here’s a bit of the program’s description at LockerGnome:

In a nutshell, Interclue creates a little icon next to a link when I mouse over it. I can control how long it takes it to appear, so that it and its brethren (sistren?) don’t bug me too much. If I want to see what the link’s about, I just mouse over the icon, and a synopsis of the page with beaucoup options too numerous to mention appears in a separate window. I can cruise the window, click on links therein, open the original page or, by simply removing my cursor, cause it to go away – or, if I want, I can “pin” the window where I want it (it’s resizeable, of course) and all further mouse-overs will open there.

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