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Get What you Pay For: the Audacity!

Got a call from a friend I’d helped last year set up some music clips on his blog. He needed another dose of the same but I realized I didn’t have the same software now that I’m on the Mac. But hey, Audacity that I had used is open-source and there is a Mac version that should work on my Intel Mac under Leopard 10.5.2. Should I say.

I installed it and all was well. Until I tried to play a video on a website and got no sound.

I can open a wav file in Audacity 1.2.5 and hear sound. Otherwise, nada.

I’ve spent a half hour trying to find help and no dice. I used AppZapper to delete Audacity. I repaired permissions. I rebooted. I hear no sound. Except me railing at all the time I’ve wasted with what used to be a helpful program.

Anybody has ideas, I’m all ears–though they don’t have a whole lot to listen to at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Get What you Pay For: the Audacity!”

  1. Some programs (I guess audacity is one of them) want to set the sound sampling rate to 96Khz (which the hardware can’t handle) instead of 44.1 Khz

    You can probably continue to use it after you make the fix below. (or you may need to reset this every time you run audacity.. I’m not sure.)

    Here’s the fix:
    On your hard drive under Applicaions/Utilities/
    is a program named “Audio Midi Setup”

    In that program, change the sampling rate on the “Built-in Output” back to 44.1 Khz

    That should solve it.

  2. I should have said:
    You can probably continue to use Audacity after changing the sampling rate back to 44.1Khz

    Or at leas there may be a setting in audacity that would keep it from trying to change the sampling rate again.

    In any case, it’s just a setting to change, so if it happens again, it’s easy enough to fix once you know how.

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