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Gmail Hell

This may help somebody out there avoid the hours of frustrated sleuthing it took me to fix a broken “updated version” of Gmail.

Suddenly, I couldn’t access my account–from Firefox, at least. Worked fine in Opera and MSIE.

“Contact creation failed”. Log in again. Same message. Delete cookie, clear cache, reboot–no change. A few others reported the problem but it took a half dozen runs to find anybody with the solution:

Blame the FireFox Better Gmail extension. Their webpage now says

“UPDATE, October 29th, 2007: The Better Gmail extension is not yet fully compatible with the new version of Gmail currently being rolled out. We’re working on the upgrade now. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, to use the Better Gmail-compatible version of Gmail, click the “Older Version” link on the top right side of the page in your Gmail account.”

So, now you know. And I’ve frittered away my blogging moment before work, with three posts waiting in the queue. Ah well.

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