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Google Earth Sick Beta

The old apple tree
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Good news! Google Earth 6 has some really cool street level graphics. And it is available for the Mac! It even has 3D trees, so I assume that those cameras on moving cars that made the street views were minaturized and put into little helmets for a fleet of Google-trained squirrels. What will they think of next?

Bad news: since installing Google Earth 6 beta last night, my 23″ display is trying to show me a 26″ desktop. If I move the cursor left, the screen moves right. If I move the cursor up, the screen moves down. The new “feature” is making me seasick. I can see either the menu bar up top OR the dock along the bottom, but not both at the same time.

Good news: I still have one month left on my three year Mac Pro service contract (and this is the first time in all those months I’ve had a problem that required using it.)

More good News: I found the Apple Care policy number and the tech support phone number. The support center opens at 6.

Bad news: that’s 6 Pacific time. For more hours of this maddening fun-house distortion!

Good News: if I log in under a different profile, the display is okay, so it’s not a graphics card issue. But changing display dimensions in the fubared profile does nothing to fix the cursor-display motion issues.

Bad news: nothing on the Google Earth support site shows a problem like mine, though there are scores of graphics display issues with various cards on the Mac.

Good news: there is more coffee.

Bad news: I’ve already had too much coffee.

UPDATE: Good News: after holding a total of about an hour (first call dropped after 20 minutes) my Apple Care came to rescue: user error. “What kind of mouse do you have” the second support person asked me 15 seconds into the discussion. I told him. (Logitech MX Revolution.) One scroll of the wheel with Option key held down fixed the screen resolution problem. Oy. Live and learn.

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  1. Oy, indeed. My Jewish husband and I are amused at the oys trickling in to your language. Next it will be “oy vey,” I bet!

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