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If It Works, Should I Fix It?

In anticipation of the Mac move I read for months about the relative merits and demerits of Parallels versus VMware Fusion to allow cross platform accessibility on the new machine. When MacMall added Parallels for free, installed and with the purchased copy of XP up and running, that made my decision between the two software programs.

I can’t say I’m unhappy with Parallels (mostly just leaving it the heck alone) and can’t blame it for any program hangs (none in the past few days) or slowness, though I have no way to compare WITH and WITHOUT Parallels to know what effect it is having on machine speed.

Yesterday I got an offer from a VMware rep offering me (as a blogger) a free copy of VM Fusion, which conveniently includes an easy migration utility to move my Parallels Virtual Machine “seamlessly” into the new software.

What to do? VMware has been around for decades doing what Parallels just started doing. On some machines and set-ups, Fusion is faster and more stable. Is it worth a gamble for the long haul, or is it a matter of six of one, half dozen of the other?

If anybody has strong feelings backed by experience, I’d appreciate it so I can decide. Otherwise, I suppose inaction will be my decision. I confess it is nice not worrying about what’s under the hood anymore and being able to just steer and honk the horn and enjoy the scenery and get where I’m going. Now where was it I was going, anyway?

3 thoughts on “If It Works, Should I Fix It?”

  1. You might want to search (one of my favorite Mac sites) for articles about the two software packages. They tend to have really good advice there.

  2. A more appropriate answer might be: “If it works, why break it?” I’ve never understood why anyone wants to take a functioning Mac system and cripple it by trying to run Windows.

    If you can’t tear yourself away from the collection of garbage programs called Windows then why not buy a $500 laptop at Best Buy and run Windows on it and leave the productivity-robbing crap off your Mac system?

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