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I’m Getting MACcited!

There’s really no question anymore that I’m going to take the Apple Plunge after the first of the year.

I read different numbers, but thousands of folks switch every day from PC to MAC, and so far, I haven’t read a single one that speaks of the conversion as a big mistake.

I have pretty much decided to bite the bullet and go MacPro, but not sure how much I can upgrade the stock machine right away–maybe to 2GB memory and a 750gig hard drive plus the 23″ monitor. But once the sticker shock has passed, I’m convinced I’ll be a very happy camper.

Leopard looks really interesting, and Parallels Desktop recent version really sweetens the migration considerably, letting my continue using my little PC apps while I find MAC replacements over time. (And joy! I’ll have the PC upstairs on Ann’s desk if I get totally “flustereated” at the bottom of the learning curve.

I’ll be collecting links to other “must have” apps, and looking to stock my newbie how-to folder with tips for finding my way early on. Any links or tips or experiences you can share appreciated! I’ve already benefitted from your kind guidance. I’ll need more hand-holding, so don’t go far.

I am pleased that the MAC fund got a little inflow from twenty books and as many note card sets that found homes at the Reynolds Homestead, Taste of Floyd and New River Valley Land Trust Membership events I participated in during the past week. My consumer’s guilt is ebbing just a little and my powers of rationalization are feeling their oats!

6 thoughts on “I’m Getting MACcited!”

  1. I switched in 2005 and LOVE my Mac. Still got Windows at work, but we’re not planning on getting another non-Mac at home when Hubby’s monster machine needs replacing.

    There is a learning curve, but hanging out at the Apple store in the mall before the purchase helped a great deal. The right mouse button is what I miss the most, but I’m learning.

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