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Thursday Jots ~ 20 Nov 08

Did I get the day right this time, Doug? We have a short-hand in documentation of a patient’s state of with-it-ness: A + O x 3. I’m not always: alert and oriented to place, person and time. Today, maybe.

Speaking of short-hand: overheard at SEJ conference, someone complaining about all the TLA’s in their life. What’s that, someone asked. Three Letter Acronyms.

Yesterday I attended the ROA meeting to discuss the AEP spraying of power line ROWs near Crystal Creek. The EPA had representation there. I’ll be writing up a piece on the proceedings and outcome PDQ. BTW, I used my new digital recorder and have a 1.75 hr MP3 file with time markers from my MBP notes in VDP. Tired already of acronyms? Well you’re SOL.

On the GEEK homefront: I was about to sing the praises (at least for MAC ears) of Backboard. I’ve used BackPack for years especially for reminders. Backboard gives the user an “organizer” linked to BackPack for notes, reminders, tasks, and (if you are a paid subscriber) calendar events. I have been using Backboard for two weeks, and surprised to find myself migrating once more: to web-based Springpad.

It took me a while to understand that cloud-app’s usefulness. You know how it is when you confront a new way of organization and it’s BLANK to start with. Organized blank pages don’t seem very useful. But as I began to create folders of lists, notes, and alarms (all easily moveable within and between “springpads”) I’m realizing this about as  close as I’ve come yet to replacing ECCO PRO from my PC days. (More on Springpad at Webworker and at BlogSpring.)

Now, if somebody would just give us ONENOTE for the Mac…For now, Voodoopad serves that role somewhat, just updated to Version 4.

The day ahead, brisk and windy: BRISKY. Tin roof ruffling in the gale. Stoke the dog, walk the woodstove, chores in town, lunch with DT, a stop by Bank of Floyd (“Save at the sign of the sock”), notecards to the Country Store, a run to Slaughters with a honey-do list, and visit some new friends at their place.

A + O x 2. About all you can expect for a fella of my advanced years, don’t ya reckon?

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