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Toasters and Coasters

He really really thought–and hoped–that the problem was user ignorance and not his expensive tools. After all, he’d been bragging to his wife that, though he’d never used the MacPro to burn a CD, with Apple, it just works.

Well, it just doesn’t. Today, I made four coasters.

I find I’m not the only one to discover with no small disappointment that there is no built-in way (as there was not on the PC but hey–it was a PC after all) to make an exact copy of a CD without going through iTunes or a third party app like Roxio, Toast or Nero for PC.

I dislike iTunes so (at least the version that was around a couple of years ago) that if it hadn’t been for that non-intuitive program I probably would have gone to the Mac side way back.

So I’ve given up and gone whimpering back to RecordNow freeware built into the ThinkPad. This is not a common need but I was determined I could make it work. Nope, not without more downloading trial and error for OS-X supplements.

4 thoughts on “Toasters and Coasters”

  1. I got confused for a minute – most of the blogs I read are craft blogs and I suddenly wondered if you’d taken up sewing when I saw the “coasters” line first.

  2. I have found that Macs are very sensitive to the brand of blank CD’s that you use. They don’t like generics as a rule. Verbatim, Maxell and Taiyo Yuden always work well for me.

    Put those coasters on a string and hang them in your garden to scare away birds!

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