Blood Moon Rising

Personally, I have not been convinced that our lives are influenced by planetary alignment or other celestial events. But in the case of the “Blood Moons” of 2015, the heavens might indirectly with humanity’s help bring about earthly events that will be impossible to miss.

My concern is that the end-times “prophesy” [see links at bottom] coming largely from the pulpits of two preachers might play into the intentions and hopes if ISIS for their own apocalyptic final chapter. They are all a-twitter, gleeful as their Final Battle comes closer. The Blood Moon frenzy is only likely to throw gasoline on their fire.

You can read plenty about the predictable, non-spooky cosmological phenomenon of the full lunar eclipse in which the moon turns an eerie red while fully hidden in Earth’s shadow. This is being called a “blood moon” by Hagee and Blitz who claim to have “discovered” the connection between a couple of Biblical passages about the moon turning red before the end-time events begin to unfold.

What is not so common, but not without precedent, is that there will be four of these lunar events this year, the last on September 28. The woowoo, as it is being told, is that blood moons have fallen during significant historical events for the Jews.

Keep in mind that theirs is a lunar calendar with their holy days planned decades or centuries into the future based on the cycles of the moon. Keep in mind that some of the claimed concurrences of blood moons in Israel’s and Jewish history are not so closely synchronous as the preachers claim.

I might mention that one or both also have books on the subject and a “documentary” movie is in the works.

Someone asked me recently what I thought about this prediction and should they buy green bananas, and up to that point I had not heard anything about this growing angst in some church circles. If you also had not heard, chances are you will as the date in September moves closer.

I’ll have to admit, if I was going to re-read the Biblical accounts of the last days, I’d be inclined to see a place in all that for the Islamic State. I’d see a place in all that for the economic leviathan of the western corporatocracy and its armies that feed with apparent impunity on the blood and bone of creature and planet. There are some  really bad players on the stage. So yeah, I can imagine a show-down at the OK Corral.

But I am thinking that the odds are this highly-promoted blood-moon “sign of the times” will turn out to be just the most recent in long string of failed predictions–unless we let the tail wag the dog.

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