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Fragments from Floyd

Gaining Traction at SustainFloyd

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I’ve spent a dreary (not that we don’t need the rain) morning inside making some changes to the SustainFloyd web site, mostly adding to it materials that have come into being as the result of a recent and lengthy collaboration process between quite a few board and advisory members.

The “donor folder” contents has been allocated to various locations on the SustainFloyd Web page.

To learn more (because I know you can hardly wait!) go to the post today at and be sure at least to give a peek (at Scribd) at the brochure.  This at-a-glance and very attractive document will answer (or point the way towards) most any question you might have had about SustainFloyd’s mission and projects.

Bookmark the site and revisit from time to time, as things are beginning to move along rapidly towards some very worthwhile community projects.

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