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James Inhofe: The Greatest Hoax

I’m reminded of the well-known cartoon showing the primordial ooze evolving ever upward. It becomes a salamander that becomes an ape that becomes a caveman who becomes a modern man in the age of science.

As of the last election, we can now take humanity’s first step back down the ladder of disorder as the sapient man of science devolves into Senator James Inhofe.

Science was okay in its day but it has outlived its useful lifetime.  The Not-a-Scientists will take it from here.

And just to be clear: The book,  The Greatest Hoax by Inhofe is NOT an autobiography. Let there be no confusion that the book is clearly science eating its own tail to disprove the science of climate change.  Confused? It doesn’t matter! You’re NOT a scientist!

2 thoughts on “James Inhofe: The Greatest Hoax”

  1. Colbert really zinged ’em, but no one who needs to hear him is tuning in! Sigh. Preaching to the choir frustrates me so much.

  2. About 25 years ago I was living in Tulsa, OK. One day I was crossing the road on my way to work. This person, whom I thought looked familiar but wasn’t sure who it was, came up and slapped me on the back and said, “Hi, I’m Jim Inhofe and I hope I can rely on your vote”. I gave him a nasty glare and kept on walking.

    I’ve understand he has kept on going downhill ever since, but fortunately I left that place and now live in Floyd. Thanks for reminding me there is another good reason not to live where I did.

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