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Mission Impossible: Project Stuxnet Underway

Stuxnet interest by country Mid-October 2010

I’ve been surprised, in three of four conversations this week, to learn how little visibility the Stuxnet Worm must be getting in the mainstream media in this country. Miss Black Colorado and Dexter Season 5 are in the top 20 Hot Search Trends on Google. Stuxnet did not make the cut.

Even an IT programmer I spoke to Saturday had not heard about it. And now I read that this no-news trivialization is as it is intended, perhaps, to be. The US is treating cavalierly an issue that, for the rest of the world, is seen as a “game changer” with regard to future global-scale espionage, sabotage, international extortion, and cyber-warfare.

My money is on the US in collaboration with Israel, and with tacit knowledge of the EU and most other players who have been increasingly anxious about the impending generation of bomb-grade nuclear material by Iran. Stuxnet seems to have at least delayed (if not done more serious damage to) the Bushehr power plant.

The implications of this new digital weapon are huge, so I don’t understand how this is not the story of the year. Other nations are describing it as a “wake-up call.” The US–even Homeland Freaking Security–is still pretending to sleep. Wonder why that is?

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5 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Project Stuxnet Underway”

  1. Over the top, Fred. Now you’ve entered the landscape of grand conspiracy theorists. From there, there is no escape. All you write and say is forever tainted by such an incredible leap. This is the same logic that facilitates your eco positions? You’re the one who’s been clamoring for science-based reason. Now this?

    Stuxnet is somewhat old news. It was on NPR Science Friday a week ago. No one knows who started this, except for you, Fred, and the ones who did it. My bet is you’re part of it and are trying to throw others off the scent. Naw, that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Hello, Con. Earth to Con. Incredible leap? I explained that this “old news” seems not to have made it to the general rabble of American Public, so it will be news to many. And excuse me, I offered an opinion, which I feel entitled to, and more than willing to be proven wrong. Leap? yep, that’s where we are at this point. But I offered some “expertise” to do the heavy jumping. I am certain you read all three. Right? Let’s revisit this topic again in six months and see where the ball lies, shall we?

  3. Sure, Fred, it’s your blog and you are entitled to your opinion. I still don’t think your references support the general tone of your post and that they contradict some of the specifics.

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