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Fragments from Floyd

Music, Mountains and Big Trees

Back in December, I was offered the opportunity to contribute a “500-700 word article on Southwest Virginia’s outdoors or nature” by the Crooked Road folks. It now appears (on page 23) in the program guide for next week’s Mountains of Music regional celebration.

The topic I chose (because Jane Cundiff and I had been talking about Big Trees in Floyd County) was SWVA’s known and as-yet-unrecorded Big Trees–and the Stadium Woods issue on the Va Tech campus.

You can read my article; see a larger version of the wonderful image of Stadium Woods that Tech allowed us to use for the essay; and view a 6 minute video by Chris Risch (who filmed the To The Last Drop video on Floyd’s water back in 2014.)

And then take a look at the MOMH program guide and decide where you’ll go next week to hear some of the best live-performance music our part of the country has to offer. (See you on June 13 at the Floyd Country Store for the Stanleys and company.)

2 thoughts on “Music, Mountains and Big Trees”

  1. The video link worked but the others did not. I don’t think we need a link to your article because you included it here, but the photo link would be nice to work! Good video and of course a good article.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Kathy and well just crap! Both word press and Photoshop both are causing me constant headaches, making the process of a simple blog post an unpleasant experience. Not that I need any more inertia against public writing. I may go back and try to fix broken links but I’d be surprised to have any readers after today.

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