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Naughty or Nice: The Shaman Knows

I find it hard to believe that this Santa debunking, especially with its ethnobotanical connections to mushrooms, has eluded me all these years.

And the jury is still out on the extent of validity to these claims of shamanistic rituals involving raindeers flying (high on shrooms), bags of gifts (Amanita mushrooms–bright red with white flecks–dried in stockings by the fire overnight); the Earth Tree whose tip was the NORTH star…and a number of other SantOID factlets.

Here is a list of resources from many many more. In an earlier day, I’d have done more work to weave this into a story of my own, but today–NAH. And of course, Clement Moore did his part, and Coke did their part to pimp the jolly ol’ Cheer Leader of Seasonal Consumption, for whom I left cookies on a plate more than one Christmas Eve.

And final proof of his existence: the cookies were GONE the next morning!

The Shamanic Origins of Christmas

Have a Merry, Trippy Christmas | Psychology Today

Santa is a ‘shroom. And the reindeer are all tripping. – Steph’s BestSteph’s Best

Did ‘Shrooms Send Santa And His Reindeer Flying? : NPR


4 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice: The Shaman Knows”

  1. As often happens, I learn something brand new and of interest to my old botanical-major mind! What fun these factoids are!

  2. Did the carrot you left for the reindeer get partially eaten & have large tooth marks on the remaining piece?

    And, Santa also drank some of the cocoa that was left for him.

    You just have to believe.

  3. A useful starting point might be Ronald Hutton’s book. The subject of shamanism is a treacherous one, one that can lead you in circles until you are quite lost. I got interested in it when I was completing my degree in anthropology and I’ve never lost interest in it, but a core interest in shamanism leads to many other threads of inquiry, which will consume vast amounts of time. Certainly, David Abrams’ books are very much related to an interest in shamanism. Enjoy your adventures, but be sure and take a large container of salt with you!

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