You know it’s time for a woman president. But THAT woman? You’re not sure.

And like thousands of other Democrats, you may have HAS–Hilary Ambivalance Syndrome. If so, then Oxyclinton may be just what the doctor ordered.

Among its many benefits, it has anti-inflammatory properties that ease that fevered queasiness you have felt since Hillary used that black voice at the fund raiser in Alabama.

And under this medication’s gentle influence, you’ll hear less of that irritating upper register in Hillary’s speech.

OxyClinton…because it’s time. (youtube 1:40)

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Fred First holds masters degrees in Vertebrate Zoology and physical therapy, and has been a biology teacher and physical therapist by profession. He moved to southwest Virginia in 1975 and to Floyd County in 1997. He maintains a daily photo-blog, broadcasts essays on the Roanoke NPR station, and contributes regular columns for the Floyd Press and Roanoke's Star Sentinel. His two non-fiction books, Slow Road Home and his recent What We Hold in Our Hands, celebrate the riches that we possess in our families and communities, our natural bounty, social capital and Appalachian cultures old and new. He has served on the Jacksonville Center Board of Directors and is newly active in the Sustain Floyd organization. He lives in northeastern Floyd County on the headwaters of the Roanoke River.

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  1. But we’ve already had an African-American president — Bill Clinton, according to Toni Morrison.

    I’m voting for Mr. Obama, anyway. (Glad to see Ms. Morrison is supporting him.) No sense in letting Mr. Clinton become the first woman president, too!

  2. Oh Yeah! I’m an Obama Girl. I’m voting for Obama!

    Just think how much differently the rest of the world will see the United States, when we have a President with the diverse background Senator Obama has, and the will and the spirit to unite us all, for a common good; instead of the Bully, my way or the highway, cowboy we now have! Vote for Obama!

  3. Hellery’s solution for the millions of Americans who can’t afford health insurance–force them to buy it. It’s a “let them eat cake” policy. In Congress she’s the #1 recipient of funds from the “Health Care” Industry. As far as I know, she’s made no promise to end the police action in Iraq. I don’t believe she will. Carl Rove recently wrote a pro Hellery piece one of the major newspapers. What does that tell us?

  4. Oddly, having female leaders failed to rid countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines of male chauvanism. And I don’t expect that President Obama will be able to do much about racism, either.

  5. I agree with Susan Sarandon. It’s probably time for a woman to become president of the United States. Just not this woman. Heck, I’d probably vote for Susan Sarandon.

  6. Hillary was never a possibility for me. Gonna have to throw my lot in with McCain now that Thompson is out. I just can’t imagine voting for someone on the basis of gender or color, rather than their beliefs and practices and experience.

    Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and I keep thinking of Bin Laden echoing the agenda of the Democratic party in 9/2007.