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Say (No) Cheese!

The French think of cheese as more of a dessert and not a main course

Cutting the cheese (sic) will be easy for us–especially the wife. With no small disgust, she picks and pulls the excess from pizzas, salads, sandwiches and any other order where she specifically requests NO CHEESE and they put on anyway, thinking the customer could not possibly want to pass up an opportunity to pack in a few more calories of fat. It’s practically unAmerican!

Apparently, the NotYoCheese movement is gaining momentum, culminating in large (and some say distasteful) billboards showing various body regions grotesquely fleshed out by the nation’s favorite dairy food. Do you eat the average 31 pounds of it a year?

Obviously, the Milk Board is not happy about this movement to remove so much fromage from our daily caloric overdose, and the state of Wisconsin is probably considering secession.

The key here is moderation tempered by knowledge. A certain amount of (name your poison) is probably not going to kill you. The amounts Americans (eat, drink, smoke, watch, wear, and spend) is almost by definition of our culture, going to kill many of us, or otherwise diminish the quality of our lives and the planet those goods come out of.

Trimming the cheese seems like an easy place to cut calories and fats, since there are other protein and calcium sources les likely to go to waist. (sic)

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2 thoughts on “Say (No) Cheese!”

  1. I love anything fermented. Especially stinky cheese. Stinky goat cheese. Someday, I’d like to raise my own goats for the curd.

    We have a wonderful French restaurant here in Providence which serves cheese as a dessert. Name your fat. Ayep, everything in moderation. 😉

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