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Fragments from Floyd

Thanks for Your Vote



See how your representative voted on this environmental education initiative that thankfully, in an era of unrelenting bad news, is some good news for the future of our children and grand children.

Find out more about the No Child Left Inside efforts at their webpage.

Thank you, Congressman Boucher, for your support.

1 thought on “Thanks for Your Vote”

  1. Mr Boucher, I am a senior citizen I get social security and SSI. Last month my electric bill was 109.00, this month it is 273.00. There is no way I can pay a bill like this and eat too. Somthing has to be done. My sons bill was over 330.00. People cannot live like this. This is just going too far. AEP always waits till the coldest months to go up on their prices . I call this price gouging in the biggest way.

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