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Fragments from Floyd

The Devil Made Me Do It

I. Must. Obey.

As I was reading on BoingBoing this morning (first chance visit there in a year) about a magician-writer’s take on the world of illusion and reality, I got email notice that “The Prestige” a “taut psychological thriller” about magicians had been received back at Netflix–the latter a movie I lost interest in and returned partially eaten.

Had I read the book I was reading about, Darren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind, before seeing the fifteen minutes of this “almost Satanic” (Roger Ebert) movie I had returned, the whole notion of cultivated illusion and superstition and suspension of disbelief might have carried me farther into the cloud of unknowing, maybe even to the end of the film–a dark, almost Batmanian kind of thing.

But seeing both of these “magical” topics appear on my screen simultaneously, why, it must be some kind of sorcery. I have no choice but to blog it, else I’m certain all my grandchildren will be born naked.

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