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Fragments from Floyd

The Lenses That Filter Our Facts

Like many Americans who lament the divide that separates our public into to blacker-and-whiter camps, I struggle to understand how we got here.

In particular, as a Christian, I have been shocked and saddened by the “conservative southern white evangelicals” who, decades ago, began to mistrust academia, the media, science and other “secular” ways of viewing the world. What we see of conservative intolerance in these areas started decades ago.

We all are subject to some degree of “confirmation bias” by which we are more prone to believe “facts” that conform to what we already believe. But the “right” has taken that filter into their thought-and-belief world seemingly on equal footing with their theological understanding–even when the two are very much at odds. Internal contradictions seem to create no uneasiness here.

There have been countless attempts to parse out the roots of conservative evangelicalism’s retreat within its own stockade of faith-based colleges, books, television stations and think-tanks, and now its political leaders.

I’m not sure this article below is the best at that attempt, but it has some good points that help me to understand the roots of the lost conversation and the lamented disappearance of yesterday’s GRAY realm of discourse and debate. You might give it a look if you suffer the same bewilderment that seems to only get worse as current events unfold.


It’s interesting to note that the quote in the image came from a Christian mathematician and savant making observations about TRUTH in his own times–in the mid 1600s. So truthiness has been around the block a time or two.

2 thoughts on “The Lenses That Filter Our Facts”

  1. I belive in the word of God just llike its written in the bible.God set his comandments in order and said follow the sent Jesus to die for us.
    He dint make a big deal where all things come from .
    He did say if you love me you will keep my comandment.
    If you dont love others you dont love God for God is love .
    And Jesus said you will be hated buy all men for my names sake .
    If we dont fit into the world views we are cast aside as christian trash that wont comply with this worlds order .
    Soon this country will be dust and burned up because of sin unless it turns back to God with a whole heart .

  2. That was a very informative article. Thanks. It look like we are stuck with no way to come to a jioint understanding across this impasse of alternative facts.

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