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This Is Your Brain: On the Web

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Some, like Marshall Kirkpatric at ReadWriteWeb, believe it might not be long before Google (with ads support) will offer human brain chip interfaces to the web. All web, all the time with cerebrocortical intergration to auditory and visual centers. Think it, and Amazon will get it to you free shipping. Imagine, and it is a blog post. Log in, and with your eyes closed, you’ve seen a distant friend’s YouTube video of their son’s graduation an hour ago. You hear an audible ping: you’ve got mail!

Orwellian? Utopian? Or real and imminent? Interesting thoughts here this morning, and for the time being, entertained privately before my fingers turn the thinking into keystrokes for you to share.

But on the other hand, with the implant still some good while off, is the web already a part of our brain’s software even before the hardware comes along?

Particularly, what with all the social networking momentum, are we becoming a “hive mind”–a syncitium of language, images, calendars, joys, perversions–but hopefully also and especially, good ideas and good will instantly transmitted through the cortex of the net?

Or are we becoming slaves to the InfoGod of Instant Gratification, connected 24/7 so that we are not alone, so that we will have been heard and think ourselves part of some illusory Larger Thing that may only be the Soma of our times?

2 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain: On the Web”

  1. Or…is it just the community that the modern world has removed from day to day life?

    I read some interesting thoughts on happiness yesterday in a few articles by Bill McKibben. A lot of what we call happiness is based apparently upon our sense of belonging within a community so we are learning to seek out that community where we can…On-Line.

    Check out the links in my post from yesterday…

  2. I don’t know about the brain chip, but I think of the web as good brain exercise. Anything that challenges the brain, helps keep it fit and in good working order, is healthy and a good thing in my book.

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