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Fragments from Floyd

You Aim Too, Please

Or: A Fix for Aimless Males. Sorry no picture, for technical road-related dysfunctional reasons, but you can see plenty of pictures.

And this fact alone makes me feel better: I am far from the only person in the world to have taken a picture of a urinal in a men’s restaurant in an airport terminal.

It is called the urinal fly. And once I figured out it was not a three-dimensional insect target and noticed it also appeared in the bowl next door, it didn’t take long to figure out that I’d been manipulated.

Apparently it works. “Spillage” rates decline by up to 80% when we aim. And at home, the same tactic apparently works for boys (small and tall) with a floating Cheerio.

I still wonder what the guy thought who walked into the mens room at Charlotte airport while I was holding my iPhone aimed at the porcelain receptacle.

To appreciate what I’m saying, guess you just had to pee there.

3 thoughts on “You Aim Too, Please”

  1. For the past 20-30 years, as nearly as I have been able, I have refused to share/use a restroom that was also used by men. Although some men are neat (in aim or cleaning up after themselves), far too many are disgustingly oblivious to the mess they leave behind. Ugh! Thanks for the light-hearted look.

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