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Bright Ideas Use Low Tech Solutions

Plastic bottle sealed at 14,000 feet on Mauna ...
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I think I first read the term “intermediate technology” in the writings of E F Schumacher in the mid-70s, and it made so much sense. Find the achievable scale of industry or machinery that is both affordable and effective, without senselessly clutching onto the latest and most sophisticated, which might not even be the best in many situations.

I read some while back about using the ubiquitous clear water bottle in third world countries for disinfecting water for pennies a gallon. SODIS: Solar Water Disenfection

Another “bright” use is to cut a hole in the sheet metal roof of an african hut, and provide light in dark places. See The World’s Cheapest Lightbulb Is Made Of Just A Plastic Bottle | Fast Company

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  1. Ain’t it grand. Another couple examples of amazing things just waiting to be discovered right under our noses.

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