Latest in Climate Truthiness: the Blow Hole

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism – Yahoo! News

Wait a minute. Something smells fishy here. But try finding in the first half dozen pages of google anything but the fanned flames burning around the new darling of the climate-denial crowd about the “gaping hole in global warming.”

If, OTOH, you’re a member of the reality community, you should know that, though it doesn’t matter to True Disbelievers, you can go about your business. No holes have been blown, only an inconvenient untruth, a tiny puff of hot air by an outlier making sweeping claims not supported by the preponderance of evidence.

That false claims can be made “real” by their swamping of our main search engines is cause for concern, given the growing population of those who want not to be confused by the facts if the rumors scratch their political itch. Be very careful of your sources–if you’re given to such tedious insistence that your suppositions stand on evidence and not sound-bite talk-show wisdom.

Climate Change Debunked? Not So Fast | Global Warming & Cloud Cover | Climate Change Skeptics | LiveScience

The study, published July 26 in the open-access online journal Remote Sensing, got public attention when a writer for The Heartland Institute, a libertarian think-tank that promotes climate change skepticism, wrote for Forbes magazine that the study disproved the global warming worries of climate change “alarmists.” However, mainstream climate scientists say that the argument advanced in the paper is neither new nor correct. The paper’s author, University of Alabama, Huntsville researcher Roy Spencer, is a climate change skeptic and controversial figure within the climate research community.

Forbes Runs False Quote In Attack On Climate Data | Media Matters for America This response to the BLOW HOLE includes a response from a senior scientist at Remote Systems Sensing that puts this matter back against the statistical framework where it belongs, not as a single dot taken as evidence against an overwhelming trend. I strongly suggest you read, bookmark, tweet and blog this link, so maybe it might claw its way into the first ten pages of google and therefore, become real.

UPDATE: This week in global-warming denial / – Why is a questionable study from a controversial researcher overshadowing actual science?

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  1. I loved reading in your linked article that the Koch brother’s financing of a climate change skeptic’s research had the opposite result they desired. Furthermore, this research confirming global warming was presented to a congressional committee by their lead investigator!