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Fragments from Floyd

Let There (NOT) Be Light

Yo, Fragments regulars or those much  more numerous who, according to my site statistics,  came here round-about from the oddest search results you can imagine (those details for another time)…

I will be, at least for while, posting primarily on that perhaps has more potential readership and greater credibility as a fact source than the fuzzy world of blogs.

Today’s post has not gotten much love there, so my thought that DARKNESS  and a pertinent map would be an interesting topic for my sky-watching neighbors has not borne out. I continue to have my finger somewhere other than on the pulse of American readership.

But one or two southwest Virginians may appreciate anew your bearing in the world of dark (or light) places in these parts. From this post, be sure and go to meteoEarth for their dynamic maps.

And if you make it to, please sign up to follow and if you really are feeling generous, “recommend” (medium’s version of FB “like”) a post or two from time to time.

Go to

The “featured image” up top of night time lights over SW VA from meteoEarth here is not very clear, the image uploaded to is better and meteoEarth is far clearer still.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Let There (NOT) Be Light”

  1. Help us with the Medium link and we will follow you there, although I love getting this blog in my e-mail inbox, which I always see, unlike my FB feed.

  2. Fred, whether people find you here or there, you do have a few loyalists who appreciate you, your writing, and the photos you post!

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