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Worldly Possessions

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Here’s a recent tweet I posted recently that represents one of so many moral dilemmas that living in the modern world present us. And I think about it particularly having just contributed to the stream of stuff by ordering another tech gadget. I justify it as a tool in my efforts  at communicating my concerns about and to facilitate conversation about the state of the waste stream. Oh the irony. The cognitive dissonance! The hypocrisy!

At the same time, my tools are part of the problem that I’m talking about.

We are in an awkward place in our cultural evolution, where we know what needs to be done, we know what technology offers us and find it hard to resist, even as we know in some part of our mind the consequences of our choices.

Gadget Lust A Boon For Mining Industry | Fast Company

So, what’ll it be, world? Gadgets and electricity or pretty views?

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  1. I love it…….. you said it just right…….. Oh the irony……The cognitive dissonance….The Hypocrisy!!!

    We all face it all the time………….. but, I think we live in the most exciting, interesting times of all…………. Recycling is the key…..Reuse…Reduce………..Reuse


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