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Collaboration Station

Okay geeks and geekettes, here’s your chance to use your computer hack-trickery and knowledge to good purpose. I need your suggestions.

Needs: a common place for a half dozen committee folks to submit relavant web links with comments; post ideas about the logistics, timing, space allocation, and responsibilities for an April 19 Earth Day Event; set up a calendar; and maintain a running conversation in an easily accessible web location, some not being familiar with wikis and such.

What is the quickest, easiest and best suited Web 2 collaborative location to do what we need to do so all can participate without a steep learning curve?

I’ve seen so many such sites in the past six months and not needed this sort of thing. Now I need this sort of thing, and I’m asking you to share from your experience–as many of you work regularly with groups like this. Here on Goose Creek, not so much.

I started working this direction on a WetPaint wiki site here. Maybe this is as good as any. Whaddaya think?

One good resource already found: maps of Virginia’s watersheds. Yes, there are other kinds of geeks than computer geeks.

3 thoughts on “Collaboration Station”

  1. Might try Google Apps for collaboration, or better, Zoho (by the way, I meant to tell you before that Zoho has a web based app called Notebook very very similar to your favored OneNote, very cool).

    A wiki is a good way to go though. Don’t know about Wetpaint. Your site looks pretty good but when I messed with my own, it had too much BS clutter. I went to PB Wiki. Try PB Wiki 🙂

  2. It doesn’t seem very sexy but I’ve settled on Google Docs. And besides it doesn’t matter. Having a great collaboration tool really isn’t worth a hill of beans if the collaborators don’t collaborate.

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