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Fragments from Floyd

Humankind: a Course Correction is Possible


The last movie of the SustainFloyd spring film series will come from  Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything.”

Doors open at the Floyd Country Store at 6:00 on May 11 for the potluck (bring your own plates and utensils please) and the film will start soon after 6:30.

From the dozens the SustainFloyd has shown over the past 7 years, this film promises to be one with perhaps the greatest consequence. As the documentary suggests, the choices we make this decade as a species with regard to that abstraction we glibly dismiss as “the environment” will determine if we stay the course or make a course correction.  Those interested in the well-being of future generations will choose the latter, and the movie will fill in the WHY of that choice.

I got the book and wrote a bit about it a year ago, then accepted that it was part of the “dark cloud” reality blogging that readers are not interested in, at least not on this page of bucolic eye candy.

The Lie That Would Kill the Earth | Fragments from Floyd

“As a writer and grandparent and biology watcher now for almost fifty years, I’ve come to this: in whatever ways we can according to our skills and circumstances, we have to unmask the true causes of civilization’s failure with regard to the ways we live off of the stuff of the planet, and re-design our economic assumptions, literally from the ground, up.

Some would say that the moral, ethical and spiritual conversion must arise first before we turn back from our foolish ways. We’ve seen clearly that we get what we want. We need to want the right things.”

What do YOU want for your children’s future? Come and share on Wednesday May 11.

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