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Mother Earth: So Many Mouths to Feed

The new documentary, Mother: Caring for Seven Billion, will be free to view online from Earth Day through the month of May.

More details are found in the press release, which I’ve duplicated here.

I plan to watch, because I am at a loss how we act with compassion, wisdom and justice, when all our Earth resource problems are compounded and solutions confounded by the fact that there are so many of us.

This is not an easy subject even to mention, much less to dive into with a full-length film on the topic. I have not seen it yet, as the apparent launch is apparently scheduled for noon EDT today.

But bookmark the link, and watch, if you are prepared to delve into the hard issues of population in the coming century ahead of us.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Earth: So Many Mouths to Feed”

  1. To all my friends and acquaintances I sound like a broken record that only knows how to harp on the importance of population control. Unfortunately, the only large country that has made a concerted effort at putting the brakes on population expansion has been excoriated for its efforts. Each religion seems to exhort its adherents to produce more progeny in order to overwhelm the adherents of other religions.

  2. Chris–Interesting as the development is (thanks for the link), lack of food is not necessarily our eventual downfall. There are many human-caused problems that could claim the human race.

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