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Fragments from Floyd

Traveling Youth Tour Floyd This Week

Floyd County is hosting two dozen students from St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia who are participating in the ApEx (Appalachian Experience) and Voluntours work-travel programs. They will be here all week, ending with a Friday night in Floyd.

During their time here they will visit/work at Plenty, Riverstone, Seven Springs, Spikenard, BRCCM and more, while housed and fed at the Floyd Ecovillage.

If you see these energetic, courteous and engaging young folks about, do extend to them a big portion of Floyd Love. I have warned them: “Floyd is a huggy place. Don’t be surprised! if you hold your hand out and a newly-met stranger throws their arms around you.”

I have three hours to spend with them this afternoon, and while I have more than enough indoor topics for discussion, I don’t see how I can resist taking them outdoors. Looks to be moist for the rest of their stay here.

Might be that the skunk cabbage is up over in the wetland adjacent to the meeting place today, and we’ll go over and see what stage they are in, as some or our very earliest emerging greenery.

I’ll also be carrying enough “scratch and sniff” materials with me to discuss the role that the senses play in “sense of place.”

Should be fun–at least for ME!

Color me perplexed: I just went hunting for a skunk cabbage photo to illustrate this blog post and the entire 2013 image folder is empty.  Somewhere along the way, I must have drug a thousand images off into deep space. Makes me sick. Ah well.

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