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Gore’s Nobel Speech: A Tipping Point

Yes, it will take you about 20 minutes of your time. But reading the entire text or watching the video of Al Gore’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech will be worth your investment. (Please consider signing the petition to be presented by Mr. Gore to the assembled delegation at the Bali UN Climate Change Conference Dec 10 – 14).

It is the kind of historic moment in the life of our planet and species that I hope our great, great grandchildren will look back on and see as a turning point where we–at the eleventh hour–took on the daunting task of looking our demons in the eye.

Or will those future generations, such as they might be, look back on Mr. Gore’s words knowing sadly that too few cared too little to put aside their territorial and ideological differences long enough to avoid following to the death our misguided notions that we live more within our national boundaries than within our common planet’s atmosphere.

Do read or watch; bookmark or copy the speech text page, and send the links along to your children and others you love.

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