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Fragments from Floyd

Money Talks. Spend What You Mean to Say

Love of money is the root of all politics.

The most money these days that is buying influence, corporations, politicians, the environment, the truth and society at large comes from the Koch brothers (whose combined net worth in 2012 was $62 billion.)

I’m glad to know some small ways I can deny their machine my tiny drop of oil when I DON’T purchase from the brands you see here.

Mouse-over to see a bit more image and  a few more Koch Corps.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 11043″]

Notice especially the number of paper products, and know the absolute contempt of these men for the health of forests (soil, water, biodiversity) for the single corporate purpose of shareholder (and Koch Brother) profit.

Maybe their tens of millions to oppose lowering CO2 is because CO2 is good for us (and to stimulate forest profits for the short term, maybe. “Carbon dioxide: They call it pollution. We call it Life

Charts: How Much Have the Kochs Spent on the 2012 Election? | Mother Jones

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1 thought on “Money Talks. Spend What You Mean to Say”

  1. Hi Fred,

    If a person opts to buy “store brand” paper products instead of brands owned by Koch brothers, how does one find out that some of these might not originate from Koch subsidiaries, or whatever?


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